Vintage Adverts

        Vintage Adverts

From the practicable to the bizarre, from the alluring to the desirable. Advertisements have always sought to tempt us with dreams of what might be but only with the advertisers product.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

For Him
Lifebouy soap 2

There was nothing quite like a whiff of carbolic to ensure personal hygiene.

Pears soap
The clearness of Pear’s soap demonstrated it’s purity but perhaps not the occasional bathroom misfortune.

Gillette 01
There is nothing like a good shave.

For Her

Lux Soap

For ladies that wanted to look a little lovelier.

La-Mar Soap
Outlandish claims are nothing new as this slim by washing away body fat advert declares.


Followed by a good dose of hair dressing.

Clothes Maketh the Man and the Woman

Male Underwear

  Stylish underwear for men.


Or perhaps a more modern girdle.


For the Dapper man about town.

Tight Corset

Figure hugging corsets for ladies.

spirella corset
Not to forget girdles with built in stocking suspenders.


Spoilt for choice.

Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho, It’s off to work we go

Raleigh 01

Together by bicycle.

Raleigh 02

Buy a set of wheels for a modest price.

Car 04

There nothing quite like a modern family motor car…..

Raleigh 03

Or on ones own.

Motorbike 01

Or a motorcycle for the more affluent.

Car 01

… For work or for pleasure.

And so to bed


First a relaxing nightcap.

Bed 02

Ensuring the children are safely asleep…

Bed 01

Before retiring to bed…

Frys Cocoa

Or possibly some cocoa.

Bed 03

and the bed is properly made.

Bed 04

…For a comfortable nights sleep…Perhaps!

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